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Meet the company that puts you in the driver’s seat of your power and your future. Our revolutionary PowerBloc®️ is a full-integrated nano-grid. A nano-grid is a modular power system that typically comprises a solar array, a battery, and an inverter that forms the grid for the house. However, PowerBloc can use and store energy also from the grid, a generator, or any other power source. For customers with a utility connection, the grid only contributes energy to the PowerBloc, but it no longer directly connects to the load. Therefore, there are no glitches when the grid goes down. Wherever there is no grid, PowerBloc can also operate as an off-grid system. PowerBloc is fast and easy to install. An intelligent control unit blends solar, battery, and utility power seamlessly for reliable power. YouSolar delivers sustainable and affordable power for the modern world.

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Our PowerBloc®️ solar+battery nano-grid is modular, extremely robust, and fully automated. It provides a clean, quiet, and reliable power source that is 100% sustainable. And at much lower costs than propane or diesel generators. Let YouSolar take care of your power needs so that you can focus on your life.

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Meet the YouSolar PowerBloc®️

YouSolar sells a fully-integrated solar+battery nano-grid that includes everything you need. Customers have the option to choose their solar panels, or YouSolar can include the solar array with the PowerBloc. Assembly and operation of the PowerBloc®️ is so easy that the system comes without a manual. The PowerBloc®️ uses super-efficient power electronics that deliver constant power at the highest quality.

The system connects to the utility through a digital rectifier which completely isolates the home or business from any grid problems. This configuration requires no utility approval. In certain applications, the addition of a small grid-tied inverter to send excess solar energy back to the grid makes sense. In these cases, utility approval will be required for interconnection.

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The PowerBloc®️ can be connected to the grid or be off-grid. You can integrate a propane or diesel generator to “extend the range” of the batteries. There isn’t really anything the PowerBloc®️ cannot do.

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Control your system with DIYA™. This beautiful and highly intuitive tablet user interface comes with your system and makes understanding and operating the PowerBloc®️ easy and enjoyable. Much more than a dashboard, DIYA™ gives you full control of your system through multiple features such as tomorrow’s solar forecast and a troubleshooting menu. When in standby mode, DIYA™ is a practical timepiece and weather station, and you’ll find system performance information cleverly integrated into the dial of the clock.

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PowerBloc®️ for Your Home

Powers the modern life at your home or small business.

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Delivers the high power and energy needed by commercial users.

   Protect Your Equipment with Perfect Power
   Have Zero Down Time for Your Business

PowerBloc®️ for Disaster Relief

Goes wherever there is no power and where hope needs an extra jolt.

   Say Goodbye to Loud and Expensive Generator
   Focus on Tender Loving Care

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