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A 16kW Inverter, the Size of a Shoe Box


2 October 2019- YouSolar is introducing the FORCE™, a 16 kilowatt (kW) inverter with peak power of 32 kW that fits inside a shoebox! The FORCE™ Inverter is a high-power grid-forming inverter with a 2 x peak capacity that allows it to start motors, such as in air conditioners, water pumps, or refrigerators. The FORCE™ is the first all-silicon carbide grid-forming inverter and super efficient. The FORCE™ is also

A 16kW Inverter, the Size of a Shoe Box2020-02-21T06:15:59+00:00

Big Sur Solar + Battery + Generator Nano-Grid


22 September 2019 - YouSolar installed a PowerBloc®️ solar+batterynano-grid at an off-grid house located on one of the most spectacular sections of the Big Sur Coast, California. The home is perched on a bluff between Highway 1 and the ocean with breathtaking views. The house is part of a small cluster of houses, all of which have no utility power. The primary energy source is solar, but a small propane-powered generator seamlessly integrates for complete reliability. The system is fully automated. YouSolar delivered the system as a turn-key solution.

Big Sur Solar + Battery + Generator Nano-Grid2022-01-05T12:54:01+00:00

YouSolar in Indonesia


YouSolar was just admitted to the Batch 3 of the Plug and Play Technology Center in Indonesia. Plug and Play is the ultimate innovation platform, bringing together the best startups and the world’s largest corporations.

YouSolar in Indonesia2020-02-21T06:53:25+00:00

YouSolar Selected for the CleanTech Open 2018 Acceleration Cohort


The CleanTech Open is the #1 competition for clean tech start-ups in the world. Its mission is to “find, fund foster the most promising cleantech startups on the planet”. YouSolar has been selected to as part of the 2018 acceleration cohort.

YouSolar Selected for the CleanTech Open 2018 Acceleration Cohort2020-02-21T06:54:25+00:00


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