A 16kW Inverter, the Size of a Shoe Box

2 October 2019 – YouSolar is introducing the FORCE™, a 16 kilowatt (kW) inverter with peak power of 32 kW that fits inside a shoebox! The FORCE™ Inverter is a high-power grid-forming inverter with a 2 x peak capacity that allows it to start motors, such as in air conditioners, water pumps, or refrigerators. [Read More] The FORCE™ is the first all-silicon carbide grid-forming inverter and super efficient. The FORCE™ is also super lightweight: The 16/32 kW FORCE™ weighs a mere 6kg (13 lbs) for 240V-50Hz and 7kg (15 lbs) for 120/240V-60Hz output. The compact size and superlight weight make the FORCE™ a breeze to install. Superefficient power conversion stages run sensationally cool and waste little energy as heat. The FORCE™ comes in blades, and multiple blades can be used in parallel to increase power. Only one or two FORCE™ inverters are typically needed for a house, and with the high power of the FORCE™, there is no need to subdivide breaker panels for “critical” loads. Energized by YouSolar’s high power LiFePO4 batteries, the FORCE™ can power your entire home or business, whether the grid is up or down. Contact YouSolar to unbox your FORCE™ inverter.

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