How YouSolar’s Technology Succeeds the Market Leaders Enphase and SolarEdge

YouSolar’s STEP™ DC-DC micro-converter steps up each solar panel’s electric potential to 380+ Volt direct current. STEP combines the best of Enphase’s DC-AC micro-inverter and SolarEdge’s DC optimizer:

1: Parallel Solar Array (Enphase)
2: Stable DC Potential (SolarEdge)
3: Panel-level Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
4: Rapid Shutdown for Firefighter Protection
5: Panel-level Performance Monitoring

But STEP has important additional features:

6: Unprecedented Control in a Battery Nano-Grid
7: Three Times Less Cabling (Enphase)
8: Works with any Inverter (SolarEdge)
9: Simpler, Cheaper Electronics (Enphase)
YouSolar founder and CEO, Arnold Leitner, explains how the company’s STEP™ DC-DC micro-converter creates the ultimate solar array for integration with battery nano-grids and enables the unprecedented controls of the YouSolar’s PowerBloc® solar nano-grid. As battery systems begin to dominate the solar industry a technology succession will occur. Join us for this pioneering webinar.
Thursday, 5 May 2022 at 11 AM PT/2 PM ET

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The speaker, YouSolar, founder and CEO, Arnold Leitner, is a cleantech leader. He is the author of the seminal 2002 Department of Energy study on utility-scale solar in the Desert Southwest and founder and former CEO of SkyFuel. Arnold has a Ph.D. in super-conductor physics.